What is CBD?

Maximize your well-being

What is CBD?

CBD (Canna-Bi-Diol) is an extract from the cannabis plant. Cannabis has significant healing properties and is seen as the ultimate superfood as it has proven to have a very positive effect on the body’s self-regenerations system in a completely natural way without side effects and fits perfectly in our daily diet.

Helping the body to help itself

The cannabinoids from cannabis work in the same the same way as our body’s own endo cannabinoids (derived from omega 3), without neither interfering in its natural functioning nor generating addiction or mind altering effects. In other words, cannabinoids create bridges (transmitters) between our mind and body that improves the natural self-regeneration and immunity system, without any side effects. Therefor can be taken as a cure or on daily basis.

Full spectrum CBD oil

In order to have full benefits of its properties it is important to use full spectrum plant based cannabinoids, Different Cannabinoids serve different purposes in our body and minds well-being.