CBD Healing Balm

CBD Healing Balm (300mg. CBD)

Ideal for treating a variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, stings, burns, allergies, insect bites, relief of inflammation, burns and muscle aches.

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Take care of your health

Full spectrum natural CBD oil has been shown to have a very positive effect on the human body’s immune system.

All safe

It is a natural product and without side effects. CBD Pharma SERUM has no mind altering effects and does not generate addiction.

Scientific evidence

Therapies using CBD are based on empirical, measurable and reproducible evidence. New health benefits of this natural remedy are discovered on a daily basis.

100% Natural

CBD Pharma has managed to isolate the properties of the active ingredients from organically grown raw materials without the use of chemicals.

CBD Pharma Healing Balm

Skin benefits

Our balm is ideal for treating various skin conditions, providing immediate relief and well-being.

CBD, according to numerous studies, is ideal for the aging skin or prevent wrinkles, as well as treating dry skin for its excellent hydrating properties, acne, eczema (anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties) and skin spots among many other conditions.

How to use?

Safe to be repeat as many times as necessary but in general there is a sensation of immediate relief.

Can be used together with the oil.

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CBD Healing Balm


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